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Curb is always installed to be Functional, Durable & Maintenance friendly.  How you design the colors, patterns and extras are what make it Unique to Your property.  Prices can range from $5/ft-$12/ft installed.  We will help you create the perfect curb for your BUDGET.

Slide2 slant explained 

Slant style is the most installed shape/style of Curb. Slant works best because it is great with lawn mowing, keeping mulch/stone in beds and has a smooth face for pattern applications.

(Curb Pictured Above:  Slant style, H-Block with Texture Pattern, 385 Bark Color)   color chart540850_333816116666979_1467886712_n 

48 Color Choices.  Colors are mixed into each batch of concrete.  Color cards are given at estimates and we will help you pick what color we think will go best with your project.

(Curb Pictured Above:  Slant style, Castle Stone Pattern, 417 Brick Red Color)


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 Natural Curb is our NEWEST line of curb.  The look for real, natural stone or boulders can be done, but it costs a little extra.  Our custom done Natural Curb combines all the great durability and mowing benefits of traditional curb, but with a custom natural pattern.  Costs $2-$4/ft extra.

   (Pictured Above:  Natural Curb with Brown, Charcoal and Tan Colors mixed)   stamps-1523308_333825339999390_1380432329_n

Patterns are used on almost all projects.  We bring sample pieces to each estimate and our Outdoor Showroom shows all of the patterns and designs in one spot.

(Curb Pictured Above:  Slant style, Large Tile with Texture Pattern, 920 Smoke Color)    Slide3mower

Mower style is great for push lawn mowers because there is a 2″ lip to put a wheel on.  Not many pattern options because of the unique shape, but colors are still used.


Extra Information

Curb installations average 3-5 hours

Lawn mowers can ride on or over Curb and NOT hurt it 

Curb around here?  Over 600,000 ft installed locally

Warranty on Curb

Price based on footage, job difficulty and location. 




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